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  1. hmm. This is very interesting. I am trying to figure out about this new solar heating, and what all intels. I have found a lot of useful tips and information on here. Im actually looking to expand my company to offer solar heating solutions. Keep the good good information coming!

  2. Steve E

    Thanks for all your help and expertise Dr. Ben!

    For those who aren’t so sure about Solar Thermal in a cold climate, I share this.

    We were hit with a Wisconsin winter storm the last few days and couldn’t make any hot water without sun. But this morning the sun came out and I was curios to see what was happening with our system at Saratoga.

    I saw the panels from the ground were snow cover…all except the top foot and I knew the panel sensor temperature was getting warm from the morning sun. I went inside the school and checked the controls.

    Because our storage tank was depleted and at 60 deg.f we only needed our panel to reach the 18 delta t (78 deg.f). While I was standing there the pump kicked in and sent our solar fluid up to the panels. Before I could get outside, the snow had warmed and slid off the panels. The solar fluid cooled below our turn off mode of 4 deg. f several times before reaching a steady state, but in 3 hours time we were just under 100 degrees f. and still running strong. I went home for a warm bowl of soup and to peck this out.

    I’m glad we’re trending the data in graph form. These real life classroom demonstrations and exhibits will make teaching more fun and learning more interesting at Saratoga S.T.E.M.

    I’m betting our outstanding educators in the Waukesha School District would agree.

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