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  1. Denis Oudard

    We have just registered two people from Solar Energy Solutions for the seminar in October.
    I hope we will not spend too much time (no time?) on the basics such as already covered in your videos. (very good videos)
    Among the advanced topic I would like to see covered are:
    – sizing of the feed and return piping in drainback systems, including a discussion of the ASHREA recommendations
    – pressure drop calculations, pump sizing
    – heat exchanger sizing
    – measurement and monitoring
    – heat loss and insulation sizing
    Looking forward to the seminar

    • Dr. Ben

      Hi Denis,

      First, the seminar is Sept 9, so I hope you don’t book a flight in October.

      We are tying to target the seminar to what we are hearing and seeing in the engineering profession regarding solar thermal design. So, we are going to approach the subject from the standpoint of thermodynamics and develop the criteria for good performance of all the components. We know many attendees will have projects they are working on and would like to concentrate only on certain specific areas. But if we don’t cover a lot of design criteria, then someone can get caught on another part we didn’t cover very well.

      I don’t intend to cover basic engineering concepts, like pipe sizing, since this can be gotten out of numerous tables of gpm vs diameter for 100ft of pipe. We will certainly discuss the reasons for pipe sizes, and the fact that you can never guarantee a syphon return, so don’t even try. I have too many examples of good faith failures in this area.

      We will have Q&A times, so bring all your questions (and answers).

      After the seminar, the teaching and sharing will not end. If all your questions aren’t covered in the seminar, there will still be plenty of information exchanger after it is over.

      Finally, I don’t know everything, so we will all share what we know. I will just referee those parts.

      I do know how to make a system work, so that is our starting point. You may be surprised at all the things that aren’t very important, and what things are. But I don’t want to spoil the suspense.

      Thanks for your input!
      Dr. Ben

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